Nick Fortune says, “Saving money isn’t a felony! It’s YOUR responsibility as an American!”

Founder of Fortune DNA, Inc, Nicholas Fortune says that saving yourself money by utilizing the tax code is every American’s RESPONSIBILITY. Not only does Nick say it, but he directly quotes from the IRS THEMSELVES! The IRS states, “It’s every American’s responsibility to pay their legal minimum in taxes.” Yet somehow, CPA’s view it as a crime!

Nick Fortune is an expert tax-strategist with over 20 years of experience! He has taught THOUSANDS how to save up to 15-50% in taxes LEGALLY, by making use of the tax code!

Typical CPA’s might state otherwise, and tell someone that there’s NO WAY they could EVER save 15-50% on their taxes, but guess what? Your CPA likely isn’t working FOR you!

Find out how to know if your CPA is working for you! Find out how to pay the legal minimum on your taxes! We can teach you! We teach you the secrets of the ultra-wealthy. We know the in’s-and-out’s.

For example, did you know around 80% of small businesses are set up incorrectly? Most pay AT LEAST 10% in taxes that ARE NOT necessary!

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