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At FortuneDNA our philosophy is simple. We earn your business through commitment, foresight and dedication by conducting business honestly, ethically and with the client’s needs foremost in our mind.

FortuneDNA encompasses Legal, Tax, Financial and Business Consulting Professionals. We believe the difference between the average consumer and the ultra wealthy is education and action. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 firm our products and services are tailored for each individual with their current and future goals in mind. Our state of the art strategies and networks provide you with the ultimate information for making educated decisions regarding your financial future. FortuneDNA is a 28 year old culmination of experts in a variety of business related fields coming together in the pursuit of a common goal. Our goal is to assist clients by providing the products, services and expertise necessary for success in this ever changing financial business climate. FortuneDNA acquires only the finest professional services. FortuneDNA and it’s associates have spoken for some of the largest real estate “gurus” and wealth building organizations in the world and continue to be advisors to the same. With a vast amount of knowledge and hundreds of years of combined experience, our highly trained professionals can assist you in all aspects of business development. From start up business requirements to the continuing developmental needs of an existing business as well as exit strategies for the business owner upon retirement.

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Here is what a few of our many clients have to say about us:
I am a contractor with numerous contacts in the same field. I have known FortuneDNA for over 8 years as I first came to Nick starting out in my field. I truly believe to this day I have grown my business, had the success I have been blessed with, and have grown because of the strategies we implemented many years ago. I have referred numerous vendors and clients to their company to get their stuff completed the RIGHT way as well. The number one thing I always hear back is, “thank you for the referral,” and “I wish I would have known him years ago.” For me, I am the lucky one, I did meet him years ago. Thanks, you’re the best!


Being one of the top real estate agents in the country I get bombarded all the time. I have paid the top people in the industry to help me reduce my taxes and keep more of what I make period. I met these guys at an event and they signed me up for a consultation. We spoke and I was majorly impressed! I put them on the phone with my $1000.hr tax man and bottom line, they knew what HE didn’t and they could do what he COULDN’T with the tax codes and IRS sign offs to prove it. From selling more properties to keeping more of our commissions these guys are second to none!

J. Barta

FortuneDNA thank you SO much for your Deductions from A-Z work packet. It saved me over $14,000 in deductions my CPA NEVER told me about last year! With the economy the way it is I can’t tell you how much finding additional money to put in my pocket means to me. It has made all the difference in the world!